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2012 Data Summary: Butte Mine Flooding Operable Unit

Summary of 2012 (published in March 2013) monitoring data related to the Butte Mine Flooding Consent Decree, which includes the Berkeley Pit and associated workings, from the Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology.

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    • PitWatch says:

      The Berkeley Pit water level is currently just under 100 feet below the Critical Water Level. The levels in some of the connected monitoring shafts are several feet higher; this is important because when the level at any monitoring compliance point reaches the critical point, pumping and treating of Pit water must begin.

      You can read more about the current level compared to the critical level at: Current and Critical Water Level Comparison.

      The most recent monitoring data is also illustrated in more detail at: What is the current water level in the Pit?. We expect to have a monthly water level update in the next week or two.

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