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Record of Decision (ROD) for the Berkeley Pit

The Record of Decision (ROD) is a public document that explains which cleanup alternatives will be used to clean up a Superfund site. The ROD for sites listed on the NPL (NPL Site Listing Process) is created from information generated during the Remedial Investigation/Feasibilty Study (RI/FS). The ROD for the Butte Mine Flooding Operable Unit, which includes the Berkeley Pit, was published in 1994 and can be downloaded below.

1994 Record of Decision Download

A ROD contains site history, site description, site characteristics, community participation, enforcement activities, past and present activities, contaminated media, the contaminants present, scope and role of response action and the remedy selected for cleanup.

  • You can search for RODs in EPA’s Record of Decision System. It contains full-text Records of Decision (RODs), ROD Abstracts, ROD Amendments (AMDs) and Explanations of Significant Differences (ESDs).
  • Examples of well written RODs are available on the EPA ROD of the Year Contest Web page. The purpose of the ROD-of-the-Year Contest is to foster increased awareness of decision document quality.

Records of Decision for other Butte/Silver Bow Creek area Superfund Operable Units are available from the EPA Superfund Information Systems.

The Montana Bureau of Mines & Geology also offers a summary of the ROD on their website.

The site is also managed through a Consent Decree (2002) that resulted from a lawsuit filed by the State of Montana against the Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs) for the site.

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