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Irrigating with mine water

Post-mining redevelopment efforts in Butte rely on the availability of water to irrigate vegetation on reclaimed and capped areas. Water recovered from the Belmont mine and other parts of the flooded underground mine workings is a possible source of irrigation water that would reduce the stress on the city water supply, leaving more water in the Big Hole River.

Butte-Silver Bow recently received a grant from the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation to demonstrate a treatment system at the Belmont Mine on East Mercury Street to determine if it is cost-effective to treat mine water to meet irrigation standards. Following a trial irrigation conducted by MERDI in 2004, a pumping test and treatability study were performed by MSE under the federal Mine Waste Technology Program in 2007 to characterize the water at the Belmont. Results indicated that this water could meet irrigation standards with three unit operations: oxidation, pH adjustment, and solid/liquid separation.

The results of optimized treatment from the treatability tests met target irrigation levels. If the demonstration of the water treatment system and trial irrigation are successful this summer, beneficial reuse of water in the underground mine workings could become a reality and lead to a greener Butte.

Does this Critical Water Level apply only to the Pit?

No. Pumping and treating of Pit water must begin when the 5,410-foot level is reached at ANY of the water-level monitoring compliance sites on the Hill, in what is called the East Camp. These sites include the Anselmo, Granite Mountain, Kelley, Belmont, and Steward mine shafts, as well as several other monitoring wells established to the south and the east of the Pit.

Presently, the water level at these sites is about 20-40 feet higher than the level in the Pit. So, the 5,410-foot level should be reached sooner at these sites than in the Pit, which means water pumping and treating would begin that much sooner.