All About the Berkely Pit Water

Learn About Berkeley Pit Water

Water in the Berkeley Pit has been the subject of over 30 years of research and observation and continues today. Scientists have made significant breakthroughs in understanding the complex system of the Berkeley Pit. The more we understand about the Berkeley Pit water, the better we are able to manage the Berkeley Pit.

History of Berkeley Pit Water

The Berkeley Pit began filling with groundwater after dewatering pumps used for underground mining were turned off and water returned to the thousands of miles of tunnels beneath Butte.

Protective Water Level

The Protective Water Level is an EPA designated point where water in the Berkeley Pit will not be allowed to rise to. 

Water Composition

The water in the Berkeley Pit has a unique composition due to its exposure to the metal-laden and sulfuric rock that lies beneath Butte.

Current and Past Water Levels

The water levels in the Berkeley Pit are consistently monitored to ensure they stay below the Protective Water Level.

Water Monitoring

Water levels and water quality of the Berkeley Pit and surrounding areas are regularly monitored to help scientists understand how the Pit is changing.

Water Treatment

Water pumped out of the Berkeley Pit undergoes a multi-step treatment process that includes raising the pH, filtration, and reverse osmosis.